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Trul'jin's Journal

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16th April 2006

12:15am: smartidiot Trolling
smartidiot - Is an enemy of the LJ trolls.

26th February 2006

4:39pm: ~3m0~ trolling!
_____ukemoscene - Has been trolled for being stupidly emo and must die.

11th February 2006

12:56am: And some moooore troooolling. (yes it got longer)
calriddia - Sounds like a weird sexualy transmited disease (you know I'm right) and has been trolled (possibly for sounding like a GAY problem.. read the post, you'll see)

1st February 2006

9:16pm: *trolltrolltroll*
gancho - Has been trolled

23rd January 2006

3:21am: A mighty war!
The LJ user blackwingdragon is official an enemy of the O.I.T and the T.O.J and will be refused entry to the U.C.W.T for life.

This has come about because of a battle fought on the LJ blasphemusfish

WE WON! *cheer*

17th January 2006

9:04pm: Oh yes, more Trolling
kozy725 - Has been trolled
twhc - Has been trolled
butanoverture - Has been trolled
thepurplecow - Has been trolled

8th January 2006

10:50pm: And a lil' bit more Trolling
kawfmanlives - Has been trolled

5th January 2006

12:23am: Lotsa Trollin'
audrea - Has been trolled
doremimi - Has been trolled
thy_unholy_one - Is bad at laying out journals and has been trolled for it

4th January 2006

1:11am: Trolling!
bahamutxd -Has been Trolled
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